How to Drink Healthy at Networking Events

by Brooke on July 15, 2014

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Both business and social networking events are often centered around food and drinks.  If you are trying to lose weight or maintain weight it can be quite the challenge watching your waistline at these events.  However, it can be hard to pass on the cocktails floating around the room.  Especially since no one wants to look or feel awkward if their co-workers or the other attendees are drinking and they are not.

So, what should you do?  Is it worth drinking a glass of wine to relax and/or feel like you “fit in.”  Or should you stick to water to avoid those excess calories?


Feel free to enjoy your favorite alcoholic or non-alcoholic drink at these events just watch the quantity to limit calories.  If you are not trying to lose weight most drinks fit into a healthy lifestyle.  However,  if your goal is to loose weight I recommend skipping the booze!  Not only will it help limit your calorie intake, but it can also help you to stay focused during those networking conversations.

Here is a quick reference guide for calories per serving of alcohol:

Beverage Serving Calories
Regular 12 oz 150
Light 12 oz 60-100
Non-alcoholic 12 oz 60-75
Distilled Spirits
Gin, rum, vodka, whisky, & scotch 1.5 oz 100
Brandy, cognac 1 oz 75
Sparkling Wine
Champagne 4 oz 100
Bloody Mary 5 oz 116
Daiquiri 2 oz 111
Manhattan 2 oz 178
Martini 2.5 oz 156
Old-fashioned 4 oz 180

How Low Can You Go

Limiting your portion sizes is a great method to help with both weight maintenance and weight loss at networking events.   Another trick is to choose drinks that make a lower calorie impact!  Here are a few healthy drink tips:

  • Choose a caloriefree mixer!  Mix your next drink with mineral water, sugar-free tonic water, club soda, or diet coke.
  • Stay hydrated.  Water is a great mixer.  It helps you stay hydrated why you drink and mingle!
  • Fill your glass up with a lot of ice.  It will help you stay closer to that “healthy” portion size.
  • Choose drinks that are not made with juices, heavy creams, or high-calorie mixes.   For example, every 4 oz. of juice adds an extra 80 calories to your beverage.
  • Watch the rim!  If your drink comes with a sugar or salt rim ask the bartender to just add the sugar/salt to only half the rim or just skip it all together.

Fake It Until You Make It

For individuals trying to lose weight with a busy business or personal social life just remember to fake it!  Choose drinks that look like you are enjoying yourself, but don’t pack the calories that their real counterparts do.  One booze savvy tip is to ask the bartender to get you a Pellegrino, club soda, or sugar-free tonic water with a lime or lemon.  Guests of the event will just think you are drinking a vodka tonic and enjoying yourself, so you can mingle with ease.



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