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by Brooke on September 17, 2013

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Most Americans should already be familiar with the term “Super Size Me,” which refers to ginormous portion sizes and a movie.  Somehow, the U.S. got brainwashed into thinking bigger is better!  It is easy to see why when all you read on menus are these following terms:  combo, ultimate, kingsize, colossal, tub, jumbo, supersize, biggie, supreme, value meal, and all-you-can-eat.  U.S. portion sizes have become larger than what  is recommend and because of this so has American’ waistlines.

According to the CDC, 69.2% of Americans age twenty years and over are either overweight or obesity.  This statistic proves that bigger has not been better for the health of our nation.  It is time to start a new health wave!  It is time to start thinking to yourself how do I “Small Size Me” every time you grab a bite or drink on the go.

There are so many ways and places to “Small Size Me.”  Here are just a few “Small Size Me” ideas:

1)  Starbucks has a short? The smallest size on the Starbucks’ menu is actually not their smallest size.  The tall size on the menu is a 12 oz. cup, however, they have a smaller 8 ounce serving called a short that you can ask for.  It can be seen on the kids’ menu, but anyone can ask for it.  The short size can save you money and a few extra calories depending on your order.

2)  Use the Kids menu.  The next time you are eating out at a restaurant check out the kids’ menu.  Some places are very strict about adults not ordering off their menu, but some places have no problem with it.  It is true that there can be unhealthy options on the Kids menu, so choose a healthy option to help you reduce your portion sizes and bill!

3)  Donut hole your sweets!   If you really want a taste of something sweet try to order the smallest size you can of it.  My favorite example of this is going to Dunkin’ Donuts.  In the past, I have went there numerous times and ordered their smallest coffee and just one chocolate glazed munchkin donut hole.

4)  Sharing is caring.   Most restaurants provide portions that could feed two or even three people.  Find some else in your party that is willing to share a meal with you.   This way, you still get to enjoy a great meal and won’t leave feeling stuffed.

5)  Take advantage of the to-go box!  Before your meal even hits the table ask your waiter to put half of it in a to-go box.  This out of sight, out of mind method helps you watch your portion sizes if you happen to be a fan of the clean plate club.


What are some of your “Small Size Me” tricks?

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