Client Testimonials

“Brooke Schantz, MS, RD. LDN just provided a very comprehensive, but understandable presentation on healthy eating for an intimate college/university degree audience. Her handouts were clearly persuasive, but her ability to respond to practical questions relating to food, drink, snacking and dining was positively engaging. I would highly recommend utilizing her expertise. Besides the actual presentation, she solicited info to help strategize individual diets. A very enjoyable and very worthwhile 90 minutes.” – Rev. Myron Judy, O.Carm.

“Brooke helped me to formulate an eating and exercise plan that I have been able to live with and actually see results. Meeting with her every few weeks has helped me focus on my health goals and has kept me motivated. The eating plan which she devised for me is simple to follow and is something that I have been able to use for my entire family. We are all eating healthier and without a struggle! It has also been helpful to be accountable to someone beyond myself. Knowing that I see Brooke every few weeks keeps me focused on my goal and hopeful that I can succeed.” – Anne H.

“Brooke Schantz, MS, RD, LDN has been a tremendous help with incorporating lifestyle changes that have dramatically improved my overall health and well-being. Since March 1st of 2013, incorporating the lifestyle changes under Brooke’s plan, I have lost 90 pounds, LDL Cholesterol has dropped 58 points, and all other Lipid and Metabolic profiles are now considered “optimal.” This has been accomplished without the use of prescription medications. Brooke has been there every step of the way to help guide me through these changes. I followed the plan focusing on portion control, well-balanced meals, healthy snacks and lots and lots of walking. I had to sit down and re-think how much and what I ate and substitute nutrient dense super-foods in the correct portions, drastically reduce sodium, and ensure most of what I prepared was made using fresh ingredients. It’s hard at first but once you develop a system, it becomes the normal way to eat. I am still amazed at how giving the body the proper nutrition and in the correct portions help it work like a “machine”. I hope everyone who reads this testimonial consults Brooke for their nutritional and dietary needs. Thanks Brooke! Power of the fork!” – Alan Kubicz

“Brooke was a great help to me while I was going through my first Ironman training. I appreciated her quick response each week with nutrition feedback as my training intensified. The feedback that I received from Brooke saved me when the weekend work outs become long.” –Phillip M.