Pop Food..Not Pills!

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“What a great message,” I thought when this image popped up in my Facebook news feed last week.  It was posted by Fruits & Veggies More Matters, which is a program developed by Produce For A Better Health Foundation to help Americans increase their fruit and vegetable intake.  This picture helps relay a message that I believe in and […]


Raspberry Ketones: Hype or Helpful

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Latetly, I have been getting numberous questions from clients about raspberry ketones.  I was even at a wedding this past weekend and it was the number one party question I got asked at the event.   Are raspeberry ketones the new miracle weight loss supplement?  Will raspeberry ketones help me lose weight?  Do raspberry ketones really help shrink […]


B Vitamin Supplements: Controversy and Commercials

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Walgreens has a new commercial implying that B vitamins will help you increase your energy.    In the commercial, there is a husband and wife debating whether or not their small backyard is a garden or farm.  At the end of the commercial, the husband drives up in a tractor with chickens in it.  Then, the camera flashes to the […]