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Why ClassPass is Similar to Online Dating

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Online dating has really taken off in the past few years.  It is rare to hear a friend say I met a guy called Tim Tomato or a girl called Sally Squash at a party anymore.   Most everything we do now seems to be online…dating, shopping, talking to friends and family, paying bills, and even […]


Protein Needs For Athletes: Getting The Bulk Without the Bulge

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Protein is an important nutrient for tissue and muscle building and repair.   Athletes wanting to gain muscle mass, while still keeping a lean physique will need to make sure that they consume enough protein and are consume the right amount of energy to support their daily training and other physical activities.  If basic daily energy needs are […]


Fly Spring Break Workout

Getting fit and healthy can be a challenge anytime of year, but a large amount of individuals are now hitting the gym more than ever.  Why?  Because Spring Break is here!  Bikinis are at the mall, fad diets are all over your favorite magazines, and Pinterest is filled with the latest workout trends. I have […]


Healthier Food Choices For Kids



Snack Your Way To Recovery

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The recovery period is an important performance factor for athletes.   Especially, for athletes that workout longer than ninety minutes at a time or for those elite athletes that compete on sequential days.  Consuming a recovery snack may also be beneficial for other active individuals helping them meet their daily nutrient needs. Timing and composition are two important factors […]


Spring Into Fitness

This past weekend, it finally started feeling like Spring in Chicago and the streets were packed with active individuals enjoying the fresh air.  Getting in physical activity for weight maintenance or weight loss is a vital part of overall health.  Physical activity recommendations vary depending on the health goal of each individual. The USDA Dietary Guidelines Recommend: […]