Services (What I Do)

Brooke Schantz

Nothing is more valuable than our very own body.

It is the only thing that we carry with us from birth until our last breath.  I am not just your registered dietitian nutritionist; I am your advocate and want to help you reach your nutrition and lifestyle goals.

So whether you’re wanting to lose a few pounds before your wedding, finish your first marathon, take control of your diabetes, reduce your risk of a heart attack, or learn how to read a nutrition facts label to help with celiac disease I can help you.  My personal technique involves a combination of tough love, motivation, accountability, scientific research, and positive guidance. Whether you only need a few sessions or many to reach your goals, all services can enable you to make positive lifestyle changes.

I can’t wait to meet you and hear about your goals!  Contact me and let’s get started!

Individual Nutrition Services

My areas of expertise:

  • Weight Loss
  • Sports Nutrition
  • Prenatal and Postpartum Nutrition
  • Medical Nutrition Therapy
  • Diabetes
  • Cardiovascular Disease
  • Celiac Disease
  • Allergies and Intolerances
  • ADHD
  • PCOS

Initial New Client Consultation | During this 60 minute appointment, we will review your past medical history, current dietary/lifestyle habits, and personal goals.  Tailored recommendations will be provided based on nutritional assessment and current lifestyle habits.

Follow-Up AppointmentDuring this 45 minute appointment, I will reassess your nutritional needs and evaluate your progress.  Together, we will make a battle plan for any challenges you have faced along the way and develop new strategies you can use to reach your personal nutrition and lifestyle goals.

* All individual nutrition services are available remotely via Skype.  Contact Brooke for more details.

“Brooke Schantz, MS, RD, LDN has been a tremendous help with incorporating lifestyle changes that have dramatically improved my overall health and well-being. Since March 1st of 2013, incorporating the lifestyle changes under Brooke’s plan, I have lost 90 pounds, LDL Cholesterol has dropped 58 points, and all other Lipid and Metabolic profiles are now considered “optimal.” This has been accomplished without the use of prescription medications. Brooke has been there every step of the way to help guide me through these changes. Thanks Brooke! Power of the fork!” –Alan Kubicz

Nutrition Packages

Bitchin’ BasicsConstructed to help you gain the tools needed to make healthy lifestyle changes, increase motivation, monitor your success, increase your physical activity, and reach your personal goals.  Includes one initial nutrition consultation, two follow-up sessions, unlimited email support, personalized meal templates that help you watch your portion sizes and individualized recommendations.

1-2-3 Weight LossIntended to keep you accountable, stay motivated, and help you make small changes to reach your overall weight loss goal.  Learn weight loss strategies that will help you be successful at home, work, and social events.  Includes one initial nutrition consultation, two phone call check-ins, three follow-up sessions, unlimited email support, personalized meal templates that help you watch your portion sizes and individualized recommendations.

Athletic PerformanceDesigned for both amateur and seasoned athletes trying to improve their performance during training, sports events, or an upcoming race.  A successful training program isn’t complete without a complementary nutritional intake plan that matches each athlete’s specific nutrient needs before, during, and after each bout of exercise.  Includes one initial consultation, two follow-up sessions, unlimited email support, and nutrition analysis of dietary intake during current training program, and a personalized nutrition training plan.

Bitchin’ BridesPerfect for the soon-to-be bride trying to lose weight for her upcoming special day.  Brides already have enough to worry about when planning a wedding; let alone trying to lose weight.   This package helps you say “I do” to a healthy lifestyle and reach your wedding weight loss goals.  Includes one initial consultation, three follow-up sessions, unlimited email support, personalized meal templates that help you watch your portion sizes and individualized recommendations.

*All nutrition packages can be tailored to meet your nutritional needs and budget.  Contact Brooke for more details.

“Brooke helped me to formulate an eating and exercise plan that I have been able to live with and actually see results. Meeting with her every few weeks has helped me focus on my health goals and has kept me motivated. The eating plan which she devised for me is simple to follow and is something that I have been able to use for my entire family. We are all eating healthier and without a struggle! It has also been helpful to be accountable to someone beyond myself. Knowing that I see Brooke every few weeks keeps me focused on my goal and hopeful that I can succeed.” – Anne H.

Private Nutrition and Wellness Parties

Looking for an exciting new way to celebrate a bachelorette party, bridal shower, birthday, or girls’ night?  Private nutrition and wellness parties are the next generation of the old-school Tupperware party.  Each party is custom designed to meet the needs and ignite the fun in your celebration!  Price varies depending location and number of participants.  Contact Brooke for more details.

Corporate and Group Presentations

Corporate and group presentations are available on a diverse array of nutrition topics and can also be tailored to the unique needs of those in attendance whether that be at your office, community center, school, organization, or gym.  Price varies depending location and number of participants.  Contact Brooke for more details.

Sample of Previous Presentations: 

  • “Nutrition and Coronary Artery Disease: Which diets are recommended?” – The Illinois Society for Cardiopulmonary Healthy and Rehabilitation (ISCHR) Conference
  • “Managing Dietary Markets: How to Leverage Halal & Kosher Markets” – Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) Wellness Conference
  • “Go the Distance with Healthy Snacks” and “Saving Lives One Plate at a Time” – Oak Park Police Department
  • “Power Snacks on the Go” – Ladies Night at Running Away Multisport
  • “Sports Nutrition” –  Physical Therapist Seminar
  • “MyPlate: My Health!” – Nurses at Loyola University Medical Center
  • “Nutrition and Sexual Health” – Loyola University Medical Center Sexual Health Clinic
  • “Carbohydrates:  The Good, The Bad, The Healthy” – Curves for Women

Repeat Executive Wellness Clients:

  • “MyPlate: My Health!”
  • “Get Fiber and Get Going!”
  • “Shake the Salt Habit”
  • “Healthy Eating During the Holidays”
  • “What Puts the FAD in Fad Diets?

“Brooke Schantz, MS, RD. LDN just provided a very comprehensive, but understandable presentation on healthy eating for an intimate college/university degree audience. Her handouts were clearly persuasive, but her ability to respond to practical questions relating to food, drink, snacking and dining was positively engaging. I would highly recommend utilizing her expertise. Besides the actual presentation, she solicited info to help strategize individual diets. A very enjoyable and very worthwhile 90 minutes.” – Rev. Myron Judy, O.Carm.