Fly Spring Break Workout

by Brooke on March 25, 2014

Getting fit and healthy can be a challenge anytime of year, but a large amount of individuals are now hitting the gym more than ever.  Why?  Because Spring Break is here!  Bikinis are at the mall, fad diets are all over your favorite magazines, and Pinterest is filled with the latest workout trends.

I have enlisted Steph Haddad a San Francisco Peninsula-based certified personal trainer to develop a Fly Spring Break Workout!  She trains men and women of all ages.  Her experience ranges from rehabilitation to MMA conditioning.  When Steph isn’t training, she enjoys going to the beach with her dog, hiking with her boyfriend, or playing a round of Super NES.

A Fly Spring Break Workout by Stephanie Haddad, CPT

  • No equipment needed so you can do it anywhere!

  • Done in intermittent intervals so you can catch your breath while still moving.

  • Need a higher intensity? Go faster!

  • Too much? Slow it down.

  • Done within 45 minutes so you can get back to the sun.

Warmup: Ten minutes of fast walking.



  • Side squats, 2 minutes

  • 4-way lunge — forward, backward, side, and curtsy, 2×6*

Core on the floor!

  • Plank, 1 minute

  • Reverse crunches, 20


  • Plank, 1 minute

  • Arm haulers, 20 — face down, chest up! Look six feet away from you.


  • Plank, 1 minute

The Gun show!

  • Tricep dips on a chair, 10 — keep elbows pointed behind you

  • Unweighted lunge and curl, 10**

  • Tricep dips on a chair, 10

  • Arm circles, 2 minutes — option to flip palms

Core on the floor!

  • Side plank (one side), 30 seconds

  • Knee turns, 20** — Keep shoulders on ground.  Legs do not need to touch the ground.


  • Side plank (other side), 30 seconds

  • Unweighted Russian twist, 20** –Sit on your butt with feet raised. option — heels on the ground if your back starts hurting.


  • Side plank (each side), 30 seconds each


  • Thread the needle piriformis stretch, 2×10 seconds* — butt stretch on your back


  • Trunk stretch for lats and obliques, 2×10 seconds*


*=these sets and reps are for each leg!

**=this exercise’s full rep is one on each side!

The majority of the exercises are timed — it’s not about how many you do, it’s about doing them all well. I say this with a little extra for the competitor — you can try to do more reps every time you do this workout to see if you improve your speed. This little contest should not sacrifice your form, however. How many laps of karaoke can you do with perfect form? That is the question!

If your spring break is spent on writing papers or reading, as we have all been there, this workout also works well for a brain break. A great excuse would be taking a ten minute break for every hour you work — choose a section of the workout for your focus. That way, you can get your muscles going while still getting your work done.

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