SkyMall’s New Years Resolutions

by Brooke on January 7, 2013

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You may have read SykMall over the holidays, while trying to pass the time on a long flight.  SkyMall is packed with a ton of odd nick nacks, weird gifts, and unique statues that you would never want to put in your front yard.  Lately, there has even been a section in the magazine and online devoted to New Year Resolutions.  The question is will these products actually help you commit to living a healthy lifestyle in the new year?

On the SkyMall website, there are a few different categories under the health and wellness section.  One of them is a fitness category, which would get a lot of traffic this time of year based on the types of new year resolutions most people make.  According to SkyMall, their acclaimed top seller in this category is a three month supply of a weight loss supplement called Lipidryl.   WHAT?  This is what their consumers are using to lose weight as a new year resolution? A healthy lifestyle takes work. No pill is going to give you long-term healthy results!

There is also a variety of “workout” equipment listed online including: electric ab toners, inversion machines, portable elliptical trainers for the lower body, sit up benches, hula hoops, and hand exercisers.  I am not sure how these products are going to actually help consumers reach their new year goals.  Most of these gadgets seem more like products you buy hoping that they will inspire you, instead of buying them to actually use.

Why is that a new year resolution theme not only on SkyMall, but numerous other stores and online websites?  Does anyone know how to actually put the effort in to workout and eat healthy anymore?  One gadget or pill is not going to help Americans reach their weight loss goals this year or any year for that matter.  Weight loss doesn’t start when you buy a product.  Weight loss happens when you commit to living a healthier lifestyle 365 days a year not just for the month of January.

If you really want to make a lifestyle change don’t make a resolution!  Try making a behavior change instead!!!  If you want to read more about this check out the post “Don’t Make New Year Resolutions…Make A Behavior Change!”




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Dagny Kight January 8, 2013 at 3:54 pm

I don’t even use the expression “eat healthy” as it has become a marketing term! I say “health-supporting diet.” People are very confused what to eat these days and it’s going to get worse! I discussed this recently in a blog post about a new marketing partnership between Humana and Walmart:


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