Booze Healthy For The Holidays

by Brooke on December 11, 2012

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Alcohol, family, and the holidays are things that generally go together this time of year.   It can be hard to watch those liquid calories during all the holiday parties you have to attend.    One portion size of a boozetastic holiday drink won’t lead to an increased pant size, but most people don’t just consume one serving of their favorite drink.

What is one serving of alcohol?

Beverage Serving Calories
Regular 12 oz 150
Light 12 oz 60-100
Non-alcoholic 12 oz 60-75
Distilled Spirits
Gin,   rum, vodka, whisky, scotch 1.5 oz 100
Brandy, cognac 1 oz 75
Sparkling Wine
Champagne 4 oz 100
Bloody Mary 5 oz 116
Daiquiri 2 oz 111
Manhattan 2 oz 178
Martini 2.5 oz 156
Old-fashioned 4 oz 180


What are ways you can make your drink more booze healthy?

  • Try using caloriefree mixers!  Mix your next drink with mineral water, sugar-free tonic water, club soda, or diet coke.  Water is another good mixer…it helps you stay hydrated why you drink. 
  • Fill your glass up with a lot of ice.  It will help you stay closer to that “healthy” portion size.
  • Choose drinks that are not made with juices, heavy creams, or high-calorie mixes.   For example, every 4 oz. of juice adds an extra 80 calories to your beverage.
  • Watch the rim!  If your drink comes with a sugar or salt rim ask the bartender to just add the sugar/salt to only half the rim or just skip it all together.

Even if you don’t drink alcohol beware of those other high-calorie holiday favorites like eggnog, hot chocolate, and hot apple cider.   Just remember to watch your portion size, sip slowly, and enjoy!




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