This Valentine’s Day ~ Love and Protect Your Health

by Brooke on February 14, 2012

Remember the movie Wall-E?  Not only is it an uber cute love story between two robots, but it also shows us the unpleasant outcome of not protecting our health and loving our bodies.   The humans in the movie float around all day in mobile chairs, drink all of their calories, don’t work out, and are attached to the rectangle screens in front of their faces.  The scary part is that this doesn’t sound too far off from the American population…

We, Americans already seem to be attached to rectangles in front of our faces most of the day.  Whether, that be our phones, gadget-pads, laptops, desk computers, TVs, … and the list continues to grow.   All of this rectangle time is slowly eating away (no pun) at our physical activity time.

Valentine’s Day is all about showing others how much you love them, but we need to focus on taking care of ourselves first.  Your health is the most important!  In order to love and protect our bodies, we need to MOVE MORE and EAT LESS!

How can you protect your health this Valentine’s Day?

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Lauren February 19, 2012 at 3:56 pm

but I love my rectangle! Kidding aside, even as someone who does take health (mine and others) seriously, there’s a lot of TTC (tush-to-chair). A treadmill desk? Walking breaks? Thanks for the reminder.


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