The Joy of Apple Picking

by Brooke on October 19, 2010

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Have your ever been to an apple orchard? It can be a great way to enjoy the fall season, teach your family about healthy eating, and get in some physical activity!  This past weekend, I went apple picking for the first time at Curtis Orchard.  I went with two of my friends from grad school Emily (Middle) and Erica (Right).  What a great way to catch up with friends!  We had so much fun looking through the Curtis Orchard shop, enjoying the scenery, and experiencing the joy of apple picking.  I love seeing families outside doing nutrition and physical activities together and this orchard was filled with families!


 We took a ride on a yellow bus to get to the apple orchard.

With the old school Radio Flyer wagon, by our sides we made our way up the path to the apple orchard.

My first apple pick!  It is amazing how good it feels to pick your own food!  Of course being a perfectionist, it took me a lot longer to decide what apples I should be pick while Erica and Emily proceeded to fill a whole bag. I have picked almost every type of berry possible growing up with my mother, but never apples.  

We choose to pick ‘GoldRush’ apples, because they are good for snacking.  This type of apple is a late-maturing yellow apple.  The ‘GoldRush’ apples are of great quality and have  long storage ability.  They tasted very rich, slightly spicy, highly acidic, and a little sweet. 

Mission complete!  Find local farms and orchards near you!

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DianaHayes October 27, 2010 at 12:28 am

We’ve been going to the Apple orchard near us, and hope to go back this weekend to grab some Goldrush apples.

We have some other apples and when the kids came home for the weekend, I bagged up a few apples for each of them and stuck them in with their stuff.


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