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by Brooke on September 2, 2013

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This past weekend, I went to Vegas for a birthday trip with my boyfriend. We had a great time and got to see a few shows and exhibits. On our last day, we checked out the Bodies exhibit at the Luxor. I had always wanted to see it and finally got the chance!

The exhibit was just fascinating! The Bodies exhibit took you through each body system (circulatory, digestive, endocrine, muscular, nervous, reproductive, respiratory, skeletal, urinary, etc). After years of studying these systems, it was nice seeing the breakdown of each one up close.

Throughout the exhibit, it was hard not to notice an underlying theme ~ take care of you body.  We saw numerous signs linking and describing how inadequate sun care, smoking, and obesity could lead to a shortened life. In the circulatory system section, there was a clear plastic box set out for guests to leave their cigarettes in and it was next to a sign that said, “One pack of cigarettes shortens your life by three hours and forty minutes.” Needless to say, there were many packs of cigarettes left in that box by guests of the exhibit.  There were two other signs that stood out going through that section.  One said, “Obese individuals are seventy percent more likely to have a heart attack” and the other one said, “Obese individuals are forty percent more likely to have cancer.”  I am not sure where the exhibit got those statistics, but they are just one more reason to eat healthy and stay active.

I would highly recommend seeing this exhibit if you go to Vegas or if it comes to a city near you.  Not only do you a learn a lot, but it is a good reminder to cherish and protect your body.  To help remind me of this experience I purchased a coffee mug at the gift shop with this quote on it, “Why all this interest in the human body?  The answer seems quite clear to me. Your body is the only thing you carry with you from the time you are born…to your very last breathe.” ~ Dr. Roy Glover, Medical Director


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