Sprinkle, Chew, Swallow

by Brooke on April 30, 2013

This past weekend, I was home sick with a really high fever and was miserable.  My boyfriend brought me some healthy food and trashy magazines to cheer me up.  I normally don’t read magazines reporting about celeb drama unless I am taking a trip and need some light airplane reading material.

While flipping through the magazines, I was shocked to see how many weight loss ads were in each magazine!   This sixty plus billion dollar industry seems to be hitting every other page in these female oriented magazines.  AND what is this industry suggesting Americans do to lose weight?







These ads were not suggesting that consumers follow a healthy eating and exercise regimen, because then the companies wouldn’t be able to make money off of their health.  The industry makes money, because consumers are supposed to fail on these fad diets!   This becomes a vicious cycle, because once consumers fail they are then able to spend more money on another non-FDA-approved supplement and start sprinkling, chewing, or swallowing that one.

Supplements are not going to help consumers reach their weight loss goals.  Making healthy eating and exercise behavior changes will. The challenge of losing weight the right way is that it takes much more effort than sprinkling, chewing, or swallowing BUT it is worth it!





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