Olympic Motivation

by Brooke on July 31, 2012

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I love watching the sixteen days of the Olympics!   When you watch these athletes on TV you can’t help but be inspired by their commitment and dedication.  It is also amazing to watch what the human body can do.  These athletes treat their bodies like temples and don’t abuse the food that is fueling them.

Our bodies were meant for great things like these sports.  We weren’t meant to be overweight at five years old, suffer strokes at age forty, or be at risk for so many chronic diseases that are linked to weight.  That doesn’t mean we should all aspire to be Olympic athletes, it just means that we are not protecting one of the most precious tools we have to use on this Earth…our bodies.

The Olympics provide a great opportunity to start a new exercise plan or change up the one you already have.  Going to the gym and watching the Olympics while working out is a great way to stay motivated.  Last Saturday, I was watching the Women’s USA basketball team while I was working out on the elliptical.  I wanted to finish the game so bad that I ended up working out an extra thirty minutes.  It also inspires me to lift free weights or stretch when I am watching the Olympics from home.

How can you use the Olympics to improve your health?

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