National Nutrition Month Theme Winner

by Brooke on March 11, 2014

Thank you to all those that posted comments about the National Nutrition Month® theme “Enjoy the Taste of Eating Right!”  I loved reading everyone’s comments and noticed a few themes in the answers posted.

Here are a few great points that were made:

  1. Healthy food CAN taste good!  I can’t tell you how many healthy entrees I have had that I made the “mmm” sound when eating.  Healthy foods can taste just as pleasurable if not more than unhealthy options.   The misconception that healthy food is bland, tasteless, and boring is just not true!  And for all those that still may be harboring this thought I recommend that you start trying some new foods.
  2. Anyone can re-train their palate.   If someone has been used to eating fast f00d and/or sweets it may take time to re-train your palate.   It takes our taste buds 13-30 times to like something new, so until you hit that range you can’t complain 😉  The key is to keep practicing and trying new foods cooked multiple ways.  If you don’t like something boiled try it raw.  If you don’t like lemon juice on your chicken breast try garlic instead.  The possibilities for tasty, healthy recipes are endless!
  3. Healthy means different things to everyone!  Have you ever heard that phrase, “the eye is in the beholder?”  It means that how something is seen or perceived is unique to each individual.  Healthy eating doesn’t have to just mean only consuming fruits, vegetables, whole grains, etc.  Luckily, we have numerous versions of what healthy can be in just the milk alternative category alone.  For example, some may like cow’s milk, some may like soy milk, some may like almond milk, or in our house we enjoy all three!  The key to eating healthy is definitely choosing foods that fuel the body and provide it with required nutrients.  However, taste and individual preference may drive your personal food choices and that is perfectly ok!

AND the winner of the $25 Barnes & Noble gift card is….(insert drumroll here)….Meagan!  I used the random number generator to select the winner.   She was comment number nine.  Meagan, I sent you an email privately to get your address :)random number

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