Do you run like you drive?

by Brooke on June 12, 2012

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I had a conversation the other day with some of my run buddies about the different styles of runners.  It made me wonder if most runners run like they drive?  After living in Chicago for almost three years, my driving style has gotten a little more aggressive.  I had never even honked a car horn until I moved here, and now with a two hour commute, I am becoming a Chicago driver.   This happens to be very similar to my current running style; I would say I am an aggressive runner too.  There are many types of drivers and runners.  Here are just a few:

1)  Aggressive

Driver:  This person swerves in and out of traffic, tries to catch the green light, uses their turn signal most of the time, and tries to squeeze into tight spaces.  (I would say this one describes me.)

Runner: This person tries to make it across the street even if the walk signal says three seconds left, yells on the right/left/excuse me when approaching side walk packed with people, and tries to squeeze through a tight crowd of people by zigzagging in and around.

2)  Newbie

Driver:  This person just got their license and is eager to drive.  They may be fearless, scared s***less, or have no idea what they are doing.

Runner:  This person is new to running, excited to break in their new shoes, and still trying to figure out the runner’s nod as they pass by other runners on the street.

3)  Lane Changer

Driver:  This person is either driving down the center of two lanes or can’t seem to figure out how to drive in a straight line in one lane.  They also make it really difficult for you to get around them!

Runner:  This person is swerving all over the side walk or street without being aware of the other runners, walkers, or stroller pushers around them.  They make it really hard to get around them….you might need to be an aggressive runner to do so.

4)  Slow-Fast

Driver:  This person drives really slow in the fast lane.  I heard they do this on purpose…or at least that is what my father thinks.

Runner:  This person tends to walk/jog in the runner’s lane instead of the walker’s lane on an inside or outside track.

5)  Fast-Slow

Driver:  This person often speeds up to pass you and then pulls over right in front of you.  Then, they hit the brakes and go back to their slow speed.  This type of person is really annoying to the type of driver that loves using cruise control (Brooke Schantz).

Runner:  This person tends to think that they are faster than you and boy do they want to show you how fast they can run.   So, they pass you during a race and then park their slow behind right in front of you.  These types of runners produce the aggressive ones.

6)  Music Jammer: 

Driver:  This person is normally blaring their car music and jamming to their base.  They appear to be in their own little world and don’t care if they are driving below the speed limit, because dammit they are cool. 

Runner:  This runner normally has their ear buds deep in their ears, even though;  their music can be heard from around the block.  I wouldn’t recommend being this runner if you want to keep your hearing.  I also like blasting my music when I run, but I keep reminding myself to turn it down and protect my ears.

7)  Space Cadet:

Driver:  This driver is texting, picking something up off the floor, day-dreaming, or picking their nose.  This is not a safe style of driving!  Focus people. FOCUS!

Runner: This runner doesn’t seem to realize they are running through a red light or in the middle of traffic.  They may even tend to be a little bit of a lane changer or music jammer and get distracted very easily.  This is not a safe style of running!  You will more than likely get hit by the space cadet driver.  Focus people. FOCUS!

What type of running and driving style do you have?  Are they the same? 







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Melissa Joy Dobbins June 22, 2012 at 1:32 pm

I think you know I just recently started running. I think my style must be the “back bumper dragging on the ground” LOL.
Keep up the great posts!


Brooke June 26, 2012 at 3:37 am

LOL! I think that just means you are a newbie runner 😉 Running gets easier with time, so keep it up!


Brian July 13, 2012 at 7:06 pm

Ha! This was very funny. I think I’m the type of runner that is driving a gas guzzler that only gets 20 MPG but wishes he was driving an electric car that got 100 MPG.


Brooke July 13, 2012 at 7:10 pm

Hi Brian, Thanks for commenting! Haha…I wish I was one of those cars too :)


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