Fountain Park Chautauqua: Cake Walk

by Brooke on July 22, 2014

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My family has been going to Fountain Park’s Chautauqua, since before I was born.  The idea of a Chautauqua was imagined back in 1874 in New York by John H. Vincent.  The Chautauqua movement brought education and culture to many cities across the United States until the Great Depression.  Now, there are only three left in the country and Fountain Park is one of them.  At Fountain Park, there are 73 cottages in a large circle with a tabernacle, restaurant, and hotel in the middle.

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As a tradition, we always attend the kick-off chicken dinner and cakewalk.  A cakewalk is very similar to playing musical chairs.  It is a fundraising event where everyone buys raffle tickets.  It costs one raffle ticket per round to play.  Basically, everyone stands in two circles (one inside and one outside) and walks until the music stops.

walk 1

walk 2

Once the music stops, a number is drawn.  If you happen to be standing on the lucky number you win a cake.  Is it funny that a dietitian loves this game? 


The key to having fun at this event is to make sure you have backup dessert at home just in case your group leaves without a cake.  In the first round, my sister won a cake! It was quite an odd tasting cake, but we still had fun!

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Be happy, healthy, and eat cake in moderation!

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