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Well, I had planned to focus on revamping this website and stop writing blog posts until after the holidays.  Then I realized, the holidays are the time I need nutrition reminders the MOST.  So in case any of you are like me and would like to read about how to gracefully navigate the holiday onslaught […]


Please Stay Tuned!

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Hi Bitchin’ Nutrition Readers, My website/blog is getting a mini facelift and is starting to go under construction.  I am really excited for the changes coming and hope to share them with you soon!   I need some time to work on the updates and will resume blogging after the bitchin’ facelift has occurred.  Please stay tuned! Best, Brooke


Bitchin’ Nutrition Is Getting a Facelift!

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I have deeply loved the shoe and apple combination logo that I had dreamt up way back in 2009, but it is time to allow my brand to evolve.  Why Bitchin’ Nutrition? I realized that I have never shared the story of how I came up with the name Bitchin’ Nutrition.  In undergrad, I think I was […]


Working Healthy

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Dreading going into the office on Monday isn’t always about work.  For those individuals trying to watch their waistline and/or eat healthy, trying to avoid all of the donuts, cookies, birthday cakes, and other treats that are constantly starring you in the face can be quite a challenge.  Deadlines, co-workers, and long hours can also play a role in […]


“Childhood Obesity: Is Mom to Blame?”

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There has been a controversial PSA called, “Childhood Obesity: Is Mom to Blame” circulating around social media.  This PSA indicates that parents are to blame for the childhood obesity epidemic.  Haven’t seen the PSA yet?  Click here. There are numerous factors affecting childhood overweight and obesity!  However, it is not in left field to say that parents […]


Testing Your Intestines

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By:  Erica Meador MS, RDN, LDN I’m happy to be writing for all of you again this week and giving you more information on how to navigate testing and diagnoses for food allergies and intolerances involving wheat and gluten. Let’s start with wheat allergy.  There are three ways to test for wheat allergy: a skin test, a […]