FREE Eating Healthy with Diabetes™ Grocery Store Tours

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Navigating through a grocery store can be a challenge, especially if you are newly diagnosed with diabetes and/or are trying to start a new healthy eating plan.  Understanding food labels, knowing what foods to purchase, and how to plan healthy meals may feel like road blocks on your path to the grocery store checkout counter without a solid […]



Hello Again, Wishing you and yours a Happy and Healthy New Year!!! I am so sorry it has been a while since my last blog post.  Last year, was a very exciting year for me both professionally and personally!  I got to work with some amazing clients, was given the opportunity to teach more nutrition classes at […]


Why ClassPass is Similar to Online Dating

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Online dating has really taken off in the past few years.  It is rare to hear a friend say I met a guy called Tim Tomato or a girl called Sally Squash at a party anymore.   Most everything we do now seems to be online…dating, shopping, talking to friends and family, paying bills, and even […]


Facebook Food Faddism

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Besides all of the baby, wedding, and engagement posts that you might be seeing on Facebook these days there is one more category that fills up my Facebook feed. The dreaded food faddism posts aka fad diets. If you are not familiar with the term food faddism the definition is, “idiosyncratic diets and eating patterns that […]


Five I Do’s To Help You Feel Great on Your Wedding Day

In honor of my upcoming wedding on June 26th, I wanted to post a wedding related-blog!  Wedding season is in full bloom and worrying about the date, venue, flowers, food, invitations, hair, makeup, vendors, etc. is enough to stress out any soon-to-be bride!  With all those tasks adding up on your wedding to-do list, trying […]


I am a Nutritionist!

APRIL FOOLS’ DAY!!!!!!!!!!!! Find out why I am a Registered Dietitian instead of a Nutritionist using this great visual developed by Busy Bee Wellness!